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Good Alcohol Practices
Gregg Hanour
Gregg Hanour
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Good Alcohol Practices for Managers and Owners
In our four-hour seminar on Good Alcohol Practices, Management and Owners gain the knowledge and tools needed to protect both their businesses and the public at large.
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A Business Approach to Reducing Drunk Driving
A Business Approach to Reducing Drunk Driving
by Gregg Hanour
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What We Believe
Cities can significantly reduce the over-serving of alcohol in licensed drinking establishments by properly documenting requirements and working with alcohol operators to monitor performance.

People should serve alcohol AFTER they’ve been appropriately trained.

Serving alcohol responsibly is in the best business interest of the operator.
What We Do
There is often a chasm between what cities need from their on-sale alcohol businesses and the actual practices of their operators. We believe that difference can be bridged. Having different priorities does not mean there is not common ground.

It’s in the best interest of both cities and operators to have thriving and responsible alcohol-service businesses. These interests are not mutually exclusive. The perception that these interests oppose one another is often the result of insufficiently communicated expectations (by the city) and a lack of training (by the operator).

We assist cities to better define and communicate their needs, while also providing the operators with the tools and knowledge to serve responsibly. Success requires teamwork; all parties must up their game. By creating coalitions between the public and private sectors the community is better served.
“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
- Wayne W. Dyer
About Us
Gregg Hanour started the Good Alcohol Practices consulting firm to create coalitions between the public and private sectors to better serve the community.

His real-life experience in owning and operating an iconic nightspot for twenty years, combined with years of volunteer work in the prevention community, has provided him with a unique skill-set in understanding the needs and hurdles for those involved in either licensing or running alcohol operations.

His journey toward understanding the best practices for selling alcohol is captured in his book, A Business Approach to Reducing Drunk Driving.